The world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) TV Giga Genie of KT project

  • People & Technology Co., Ltd.  took over the world’s first AI TV KT Giga Genie’s dialogue contextualization and reasoning services, mass storage voice signal data handling and monitoring, and AI learning and training programs.

    It will be officially available from February 1, 2017.

    People and Technology will release an upgrade version of Artificial Intelligent technology acquired in this project that will be applied to IoT data analysis and services of IndoorPlus + RTLS in the second half of 2017.

    The major achievements of the Giga Genie Project carried out by our company are as follows.

    1. Dialogue Context First Reasoning for Recognized Speech Recognition TEXT
    2. Artificial Intelligence Interpretation Interface for Inferred Result Verification
    3. Various service connection result of conversation analysis result (17 kinds of future expansion)
    4. Giga Genie Skills Kit – Product development to expand Giga Genie to AI Home
    5. Mass storage Voice Recognition Logging and Stable Service Management Backend System for 10 million KT IPTV Subscribers
    6. Logging handling system for CMS management, service monitoring and server monitoring
    7. Obtained Voice Recognition Data and Context Reasoning Results and Back Import Training System for AI Engine Training