Retention Rate, The importance of customer expandability

B2B solution providers are inevitably popular not only in the market proliferation but also part of the customers’ complaints increase.
Therefore, in order to confirm the quality and satisfaction of the product group and the technology of the company, it is advisable to check how many of the existing customers have recently renewed or extended contracts.

People & Technology Co., Ltd. is still a start-up company in its fourth year, but our existing customers keep contracting with us.
we would like to take this opportunity to thank you again.

  1. Hotel Shilla SHP (Samsung Health Care Platform) based on RTLS: Expansion of 3 branches completed.
  2. Hotel Shilla Duty Free Shop OSD (Offline Store Digitalization): Completion of the 3rd highly developed contract after the first project.
  3. Hanwha Eagles Smart Ball Park based on Beacon : Completed 2nd highly developed contract.
  4. Infectious Disease Project – Patient Management based on IoT of Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention : Completed extension contract for 2nd year
  5. KT Kibot 2 management and maintenance contract: Completed a three-year contract
  6. Coex Smart MICE – LBS part: Completed  service operation contract in 2017.

Customer success is the success of People & Technology Co., Ltd.

we will always do my best !!!