IndoorPlus+ Solution spread the whole-layers on a high quality Nursing Home, EMSGravelone in Switzerland

IndoorPlus + solution of People & Technology Co., Ltd. will be spread to EMS Gravelone, a high-quality nursing home in Switzerland, and will be deployed from 4.11.

EMS Gravelone ( is a high-quality nursing hospital in Zion, Switzerland. In March 2017, PoC conducted in a specific area on the first floor for one week. Finally, the whole-layers diffusion was made.

Through the spread of IndoorPlus + solution, we expect to improve the following tasks and improve productivity.

1. Providing prompt service to patients who need help by checking the location of hospital STAFF in real time

2. Logging the real-time location of hospital STAFF to check whether the patients’ regular hourly care service was performed on time

3. Providing patient safety and customer satisfaction as characteristic of healthcare service to quantitative data analysis tools such as location-based care, control and logging, contributing to customer satisfaction improvement, which is a key indicator of a high-quality nursing home.
The project is being implemented through a partnership with LPS Defense SA (, a Swiss partner, and is planning to spread to Asset Tracking and patient care services in the future.

we will keep you informed of further foreign market entry.