Nonghyup bank has become a customer of PEOPLE AND TECHNOLOGY Indoorplus+ solution

Nonghyup Bank became the customer site of IndoorPlus+ solution of People and Technology.

The IndoorPlus+ RTLS solution from People and Technology is selected as the security solution that provides automatic registration of access to security zone of business offices as well as  more than 100 IT centers  and as security enhancement solution of security zone controlling unauthorized visitors in Nonghyup Bank.

In particular, the Nonghyup Project will automatically record the access to security zones not only for visitors but also for internal people in order to strengthen physical access security, which is of utmost importance in the financial sector. It will be a standard reference for the overall RTLS-based access control security system including access record verification.

As a result, People and Technology has further strengthened its position as an Innovator of security business with its real-time location-based access control security business following Hyundai Motor Data Center, AMOREPACIFIC Osan Factory, Gimcheon Center and head office building.

In addition, we have been supplying BLE-based access control security solutions to the top tier banking sector for the first time in Korea, and we have been able to provide physical location based access control security business to the financial sector in the future.

We will continue to do our best to provide value added service to customers not only in Korea but also overseas by supplying RTLS-based access security security solution.

* This project will be conducted through Cooperation with WeMB, a business partner in financial field of People and Technology.